A quick explanation of 'The Corrigendum' and a closer look at premature cable collapse

April 29, 2024

Are you also looking for a quick and simple explanation of The Corrigendum and having a closer look at premature collapse of cables? Then register now to join us for the webinar re-run delivered by LINIAN CEO, Ian Arbuckle MIET.

Ian began his career as an electrician before gaining further qualifications leading to a role at a prominent building services consultancy. He knows the day-to-day, trust us!

During the webinar you will get more clarity on:

  • History of the Wiring Regulations – past and present
  • Responsibilities and considerations of the installer
  • How The Corrigendum affected the Regulations and what you should take on board

Ian will also walk you through the options available for electricians and installers

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