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AMD2 changes to regulation 551.7.2, indent (v) on embedded parallel generation and what this means for domestic installations

January 02, 2024

This technical webinar examines the AMD2 changes to regulation 551.7.2, which states new conditions on the connection of a generator set in parallel with other sources. Indent (v) states the rating of the assembly shall be equal to or greater than the incomer rating, plus generator output. All attendees of this webinar will receive a free Luceco Lighting headtorch. Details on how to claim this will be provided at the end of the webinar.

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Steve January 15, 2024 11:36 PM Delete

With “parallel loads “ supply, PV, battery storage. We should also take into account that when local power, micro generation is feeding into the CU/DB, it would replace what would normally be drawn from the supply authority. It would only go up if the demand from the consumer goes up too. So, if you draw max 100A from the supply authority to meet your needs, then draw 16A from PV surely your demand from the supply authority would drop to 84A. Are people missing something here am I missing something here. The scenarios spoke about in the presentation would be worst case scenario. We should also remember that we would lose PV array supply overnight and battery storage would only last so long. We have gone from high power equipment knowadays incasescents to LEDs etc low power TV sets but our demands are going up. The biggest culprit will be Electric cars. We’re not ready for this at all, the demands for power can be quite high. We’ve all been told to buy a Porche but we only have a dirt track upon which to drive it

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