What is ICEL’s approach to emergency lighting?: How you can become competent!

April 29, 2024

Join us for this webinar re-run and an in-depth exploration of ICEL’s innovative approach to Emergency Lighting Competence. During this re-run, ICEL will delve into several crucial topics:

  • The dynamic evolution of competence standards within the built environment.
  • The latest legislative and regulatory influences shaping emergency lighting competence.
  • Emerging expectations and best practices in competence management.

We are excited to unveil the groundbreaking ICEL Individual Competence Standard and Competence Scheme. Together, these initiatives establish a comprehensive benchmark and systematic method for validating individual competence in emergency lighting—an industry first.

Additionally, we will provide insights into the operational framework of the scheme and outline the journey that emergency lighting professionals will undertake to engage with the scheme and validate their competence. 

Don't miss out and join us as we navigate this pivotal advancement in emergency lighting standards and competence assessment by registering today!