Sizing of Fire Resistant cables


Europacable and International Copper Association Europe present a webinar for electrical designers, installers and suppliers around the correct criteria to size Fire Resistant cables. 

Don't risk failing to power essential fire safety equipment.

In the session, you will learn more about the sizing of conductors supplying equipment that must remain functional during a fire. Safety equipment must be configured to allow building occupants time to escape in the event of fire, while also supporting the work of rescue teams. Such equipment might include emergency lighting, intercoms, sprinkler installations, smoke venting systems, fire shutters, and emergency lifts. Fire-resistant cables providing electrical power to these devices must guarantee that they function under the prevailing extreme temperatures.

It is of the utmost importance to ensure the integrity and functionality of the electricity supply cables, as they are vital for keeping safety services operational during a building fire. When designing an electrical circuit to supply equipment that must remain functional during a fire, it is essential to choose a cable that has been tested and classified as fire-resistant. The next step is to calculate the appropriate cable conductor cross-section, which is equally important. This requires particular attention because electrical resistance increases sharply as temperature rises.

The webinar will be held in English. Q&A session is open for all participants to cover questions.

Europacable is the voice of Europe’s leading wire and cable manufacturers. Europacable represents the largest cable makers in the world, as well as highly specialized small - and medium - sized businesses from across Europe. We empower Europe’s sustainable electrification and digitalization.

The International Copper Association (ICA) Europe is the leading advocate for the copper industry in Europe. It represents companies that mine, smelt and recycle copper for use across the economy, in the electricity system, buildings, transport and industry.

Angelo Baggini

University of Bergamo, CENELEC TC14 Chairman

Bruno De Wachter

Engineer-copywriter and advisor, International Copper Association Europe

Franck Gyppaz

Head of Design Lab Fire Safety Systems / Co-Convenor TC20WG10, Nexans